Common Knowledge

Type: mages
Motivation: money

Influence: somewhat limited
Reputation: poor
Age: somewhat old

Leadership: individual
Size: large
Stability: fairly unstable

Enemies: many
Allies: relatively few

Enemies Include: quite a few bandits, most of a guild of thieves, some wizards, more than a few assassins, most of a guild of artisans

Allies Include: a few nobles, a few knights, some spies

Resources: many
Resources Include: some wealth, some artifacts, some blackmail material.

Brief History

The Brightstriders are a faction of mages that thrive on their exploits with the weave. They perform for the highest bidder, often with poor or great results. A recent run of poor results has made the faction quite volatile with one another. The mages are secretive about their abilities with one another, which means that none of them will back down when confronted. As a result, they’ve taken to recruiting from outside the faction to take care of the trivial tasks they’ve been contracted.

There is a faction house within the major cities as well as some of the smaller cities.


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