Common Knowledge

Type: assassins
Motivation: power

Influence: strong
Reputation: poor
Age: relatively new

Leadership: group
Size: small
Stability: rock solid

Enemies: very many
Allies: some

Enemies Include: more than a few spies, many rival assassins, an entire guild of commoners, a few nobles, more than a few druids, a large number of priests
Allies Include: many commoners, more than a few wizards, some monks

Resources: almost nonexistant
Resources Include: some debtors,

Brief History

A small group of assassins started by a denounced member of the Fadeshapers. The thin noble connections the founder had, proved to be sufficient for a time. Now, a few debtors are their only source of income while barely managing to resolve contracts. Their connections within the major cities is null. Their faction house is located in Slay Strahl, with a minor house in Yanaes.


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