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The Kingdoms of Tolyn

The Empire of Iothain (Elves)
The Dominion of Beleriand (Humans)
The Kingdom of Braethaen (Dwarves)
The Realm of Doregond (Half-Orc)

The Factions of Tolyn

Retaliation of the Shield
The Forsakenhammers
Knights of the Talon
Clean Voltiac
The Fadeshapers
The Metalvale

The Planes of Tolyn

Iotis The Pristine Dimension (Home of the Deities).
Zeroth The Obsidian Dimension (Home of the Fiends).
Elatkozott The Feywild Parallel Dimension of Tolyn.
Arnyek Osz The Plane of Shadow.
Tevyn Home of the Celestials.
Otthon Resting place of mortal spirits.
Elemi The Elemental Dimension.
Vetemedes Archways to other planes beyond Tolyn
Utvonal Ethereal/Astral Plane- the means of travel between planes.

Rare and Unique Items

Marozzo’s Nova

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