Marozzo's Nova


Marrozo’s Nova


While attuned to Marrozo’s Nova, the user cannot be Charmed or Frightened.

While attuned to Marrozo’s Nova, the user gains +2 to DEX, to a maximum of 24.

The first time you touch a gem or piece of jewelry while attuned to Marrozo’s Nova, the value of the gem or jewelry is reduced by half.


Marrozo’s Nova, the duelist’s weapon. Developed and crafted for Marrozo, Duke to the Dominion of Beleriand, it was used to defeat foes in mortal combat. Marrozo fought countless opponents, never backing down from a duel. Even in duels where he was losing, Marrozo was steadfast and found a way to win. Eventually, he developed a fighting style that blinded his opponents with thrusts to the face.

The design of the blade allowed horizontal slashing, often surprising his foes. On the hilt, I’Sul (The Wind) is inscribed. Marrozo’s footwork grew considerably when he trained and perfected the riposte. The technique left opponents blinded, and their entrails hanging before they knew what happened. Eventually time caught up to Marrozo and he retired from dueling. The fortunes won on his blade lost their luster. It was believed that Marrozo became jaded after retirement. He no longer cared for gold or prized possessions.

Marozzo's Nova

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