Retaliation of the Shield

Common Knowledge

Type: knights
Motivation: fame

Influence: strong
Reputation: good
Age: well-established

Leadership: individual
Size: somewhat small
Stability: mostly stable

Enemies: multitudes
Allies: many
Enemies Include: a large number of priests, some monks, some mercenaries, a few fighters, some paladins

Allies Include: quite a few fellow knights, quite a few artisans, a handful of very powerful thieves, some fighters, many rangers, quite a few courtesans

Resources: many

Resources Include: more than enough old favors, some magic, a decent amount of blackmail material, some gold and gems.

Brief History

The faction has been around for several years. It was established as a safe haven for Knights that traveled as emissaries for the noble houses. Eventually it broke into other ventures that included mercenary work, search and rescue, etc. Bids from noble houses to have their Knights be the one recognized for the deeds made vast wealth for the Retaliation of the Shield.

At some point, any Knight worth anything has passed through the faction’s halls. Whether or not they have been selected for duty is another matter entirely.

There are faction houses scattered throughout Tolyn in the major cities.

Retaliation of the Shield

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