Playing by Post

The format offers the opportunity to explain in detail, what the character is doing within the world of Tolyn. The player will get out of the game, what they put into it.

Length of Post

This is subjective. In regular narrative posts that players roleplay in, there should be a fair amount of description and dialog that happens between characters and NPCs. Granted, not every time a player posts in a conversation will have a magnum opus for a post. Strive for about 100 words ( I don’t expect you to use a “Word Count”) per post. Note: Sometimes players get busy in real life, something that moves the game forward is okay from time to time.


Bold for speech. “I say, there are a few rules to follow here.”
Italics for thought. “There’s a lot of rules, but I think I can manage.”
Plain text. The players use plain text to describe their actions.
Sound Effects (Optional) Whoooossshhhhhhh!!!! STAB! YOINK!

Posting Frequency

The game will be considered a Monday to Friday format. Weekends are generally busy. One post per day for players is required. In the event that a player is unable to post, please contact the DM as soon as you can with a blurb about what your character is doing. The DM would prefer to NOT state what the character is doing for the player in any given situation.

Major National Holidays will NOT have posts on those days.


Where do the players want to go? That is entirely up to the group. The group can and should discuss what the plan of action is, in the chat. In the event no decision can be made, the group will rely on the DM to determine a course of action. In cases where players are busy with real life, the DM will use the last post to determine where the group goes.

One player says, “Let’s go to the mountains!”
The next player, who has the last post says, “The mountains? We have no gear for that, we should make for the Gap of Rohan!”

In that case, the last post will be used to plot the course action. In an alternate universe, the group makes for the Gap of Rohan and is summarily captured by the forces of Isengard.


Everyone will have their time to shine in the spotlight. Character backgrounds and connections to their various cities and countries of origin will be factored into how the world evolves around the players over time. The player’s actions in one area can and will affect other areas. Word will spread about the group’s heroics or failures.


These can and will arise when playing by post. Please handle disputes or issues in a mature manner. Everything can be worked out as long as people are willing to discuss and come to a resolution that benefits each player as well as the group.

Splitting the Party

In the event the party is somehow split, a new thread will be generated for those players to continue their actions until they come back together. Those threads will be closed as quick as possible to limit confusion and keep the party together.

Merchant Time

When players arrive at a city, town or village, the opportunity to shop and replenish consumables will be available in a separate thread. Here is where players can write their interactions with the shop and create their own little niche in the world of Tolyn. The wiki will be updated with the player’s created shop name and description.

Down Time

Players and their characters will have downtime throughout the campaign. Players are encouraged to use Obsidian Portal or request a character thread to generate their downtime activities. Note: At the discretion of the DM, Inspiration may be granted to players that have posted downtime activities, thoughts, actions and perspectives on the events that are happening in game.

Lastly… Have Fun!

This game is for the players first and foremost. The DM will be fairly relaxed with what players want to do in the world of Tolyn. Teamwork will carry the group far, but there will be moments a lone wolf will shine as well. Everyone will have a chance to be in the spotlight. Any questions, comments or concerns, please contact the DM.


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