Scarlet Tower Penitentiary




The Scarlet Tower Penitentiary covers an area of approximately 35 acres, with a total population of 2152 people. The peace is kept by 10 guardsmen, and there are 4 advocates to assist with legal matters. For those more concerned about their soul, there are 10 clergymen and 3 priests.

The prison houses the remnants of the Wolf Riders of Beleriand among other war criminals. All manner of man, creature and beast resides within the cells and pits of the Scarlet Tower. All mages were kept in the basement, used to heat and supply water for the rest of the tower. The knights and fighters had been conscripted to run siege ladders for the elves during The War of the Kings. The tradition would continue today if the elves were again at war.

Scarlet Tower Penitentiary

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