The Dominion of Beleriand

Physical Area:

193000 sq. miles

Kingdom Age:

1140 years

The Dominion of Beleriand covers an area of 193 thousand square miles. Of this, 12% (24 thousand sq. miles) is arable land, and 87% (168 thousand sq. miles) is wilderness. The Dominion of Beleriand has a total population of 3.8 million people. The largest city has a population of 23 thousand people, the second largest 7072. There are no other cities of note in the kingdom, and 18 towns. The remaining population lives in numerous small villages, isolated dwellings, etc.

Major Cities

Capital City- Othyae
Major City- Scarwood Map

Towers, Forts, etc.

Oakwell Fort
Heathersage Stronghold
The Shore of Ends
Large Town- Buldon
Wehl Woodland (Rotted Wilds)

The Dominion of Beleriand

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