The Forsakenhammers

Common Knowledge

Type: mercenaries
Motivation: fame

Influence: very strong
Reputation: poor
Age: very old

Leadership: individual
Size: somewhat large
Stability: rapidly disintegrating

Enemies: very many
Allies: none

Enemies Include: a few fighters, more than a few monks, some wizards, some mages, some druids, some rival mercenaries

Resources: almost unlimited
Resources Include: some magic, some old favors, a decent amount of contacts, some wealth, some artifacts, a decent amount of treasure, a large amount of important manuscripts,

Brief History

The Hammers were founded long before the War of Kings. The dwarves sought to expand their enterprise beyond mining for precious metals and gems. The humans worked with the dwarves often enough, providing food and other goods not available within the Odalf Mountains. Eventually the Hammers set a small faction house within Othyae, much to the dismay of the then current leadership.

The move proved successful for the dwarves long term. With access to wealth it could build it’s rapport with noble houses. The Hammers handled nearly all of the escort and security responsibilities prior to the War. After the War, the dwarves reduced their presence with Othyae. The faction assured the human nobility it was a temporary measure, but really they were protecting their own interests. The undead was consuming the humans at an astounding rate. Luckily, the Hammers safely secured a small number of humans to produce farms and fisheries before they departed.

There is a faction house within Othyae, although it is more of a meager hut on the outskirts. There is a faction house within the capital cities.

The Forsakenhammers

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