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The War of Kings ravaged the center of Tolyn and dispersed the forces of darkness. The war split the kingdoms and flooded what was once the largest kingdom, Iothain. The Ivory Spire remains as a reminder to the kingdoms of what was once great. The humans are an endangered species, the undead have reduced their number by the thousands. The dwarves prosper under the mountains while pretending to care for their human allies. The half-orcs can never forget the treachery of the dwarves and will rise to power once again. The elves combat the undead as the humans do, and they are losing. Rumor has spread across the kingdoms of the growing forces in the southeast, beyond the dwarf country Braethaen.

Can the countries unite against the threat on two fronts? Will it collapse and all be consumed by the forces of darkness? What secrets does the Ivory Spire hold for the kingdoms?

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Atonement of the Ivory Kings

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