The Kingdom of Braethaen

Physical Area:

160000 sq. miles

Kingdom Age:

1150 years

The Kingdom of Braethaen covers an area of 160 thousand square miles. Of this, 61% (98 thousand sq. miles) is wilderness, and 38% (61 thousand sq. miles) is arable land. The Kingdom of Braethaen has a total population of 16 million people. The largest city has a population of 56 thousand people, the second largest 22 thousand. There are 3 other cities of note in the kingdom, and 30 towns. The remaining population lives in numerous small villages, isolated dwellings, etc.


Capital City- West Vofram
Major City- East Vofram
Major City- Thasila
City- Iron Legacy Mines
Giant City- Gitius

Towers, Forts, etc.
Higtodir Watch
Deadwater Prison

The Kingdom of Braethaen

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